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About Apex Life

Building Visions. Creating Reality. 

Based in Asheville, NC we specialize in custom homes and real estate development in the Western North Carolina area as a licensed general contractor.

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Our Story

We were founded in 2014 by licensed general contractor Paul Fedun. When Paul first created Apex Life, his vision was well beyond cookie-cutter homes and tract housing. To Paul, a home is a place to come back and recharge your mind and body after a long day, all while being enveloped with a warm sense of peace and comfort. To Paul, a home is not just a shelter... a home is your basecamp. As any professional mountain climber may tell you, a satisfactory basecamp is essential to the success of any expedition. We are all on our own journey for betterment. We will climb every day to better ourselves, others, and our lives in general. That's why the goal at Apex Life is to build the basecamp that helps our clients reach their pinnacle. The homes we build are carefully crafted to create a place where you may recharge, relax, and feel peace so you can wake up the next day and strive for your apex. 

Meet The Team


Yuriy Moiseyev

Head of Accounting

Maintains all financial accounts, office duties, and also serves as a project manager for current properties.


Paul Fedun

C. E. O.

Manages properties, maintains direct communication with clients, and leads direction of company.


Tim Williamson

Marketing Manager

Responsible for all marketing duties including social media content, website maintenance, and customer relations.

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