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Buying Cheap Land in Asheville, NC

So you want to build a your custom home in the mountains of Asheville, NC? Well, the first and arguably most important step to this process is buying the land to build on. We hope this article will help guide you in your first step to building in mountainous real estate that inhabits Asheville and Western North Carolina.

vacant farm land in Weaverville, NC

Nothing Is Cheap

It's no surprise that Asheville, NC real estate is a bit more expensive than the national average. From the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, endless hiking trails, waterfalls, abundance of craft breweries, mild weather conditions, and a booming culture of art and music, it's no wonder why everyone wants to move here! However there's only so much land to go around and this high demand drives the price of the limited availability of vacant lots.

While there's always an opportunity to find great deals on land, be wary of "cheap" lots that have been on the market for a long time period. Some of these lots may not even be buildable! Chances are, if it's cheap land in Asheville, NC, there's a reason for that. Here are a few things to look out for so you don't get stuck with a bad lot.

Steep Lots

asheville, nc home on steep slope with excavator

We know what you're thinking... "Of course the lots are steep. We're in the mountains!" As a general contractor in new home construction since 2014, we have built plenty of homes on the slopes of mountains. It's rare to find land for sale that would be "impossible" to build on. HOWEVER, what you save on the land you will most certainly have to pay for in the grading stage. Depending on the severity of the slope you could be paying $30,000 just to prepare the site to be built on! If you're thinking about buying land for a new construction home, it'd be wise to develop a relationship with your general contractor before hand so they can give you an estimate on these sorts of things.

Too Small for Septic

septic system for asheville, nc home

Small lots aren't a problem most of the time. You can always build vertically for more square footage! If a lot is too small and there's no option to tap into a public sewer system however, there may be not enough room for a septic system. Make sure the lot already has septic approval before you purchase or head to your county permit office to request an inspection. If septic and sewer is not an option and you REALLY still want the land, a compost toilet or outhouse is a solid alternative.

High HOA Dues

Many homes and properties around Asheville, NC belong to a Home Owners Association (HOA). HOAs provide many benefits such as providing common areas like ponds and community centers and set regulations that help maintain the neighborhood's value. However some buyers enjoy the freedom that comes with not belonging to an HOA. HOAs put restrictions on your land that be make you unable to raise farm animals such as chickens and rent out your home. Depending on their rules they may also fine you for your grass being too long. Whether you desire to belong to an HOA or not be sure to ask what the annual HOA fees are before purchasing the land. North Carolina ranks 9th in the country for highest HOA fees. So while you may think you're getting a great deal on your land, be careful, you may be settling into $3,000-$5,000 a year for HOA fees that can raise over time.

So keep these things in mind when you're looking to buy buildable land in Asheville, NC. And if you are looking to buy land to build a home but don't know where to start then reach out to us here! We'd love to sit down and start the conversation to begin your building process.

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